Canon 5D MkII end of an era start of a revolution.

Canon 5D MkII end of an era start of a revolution
As 2012 comes to a close, it will also marks the end for the Canon 5D MKII.
Production of this camera will cease and be officially retired from the Canon EOS range.

Canon 5D MK II End of an era start of a revolution image

News of this posted on the Petapixel website,
Canon Officially Adds the 5D Mark II to Its Discontinued List

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The Canon 5d mk II, release Autumn of 2008 provided a Full Frame DSLR camera with
HD recording capability and interchangable lens system, it was famous
for capturing the official portrait of President Obama, the first time
an American President had been photographed with a Digital Camera by
Pete Souza, the official White House photographer in 2009.


Primarily aimed at photographers who shot video as part of news reportage along
with photographs. It would be a photographer by the name of Vincent Laforet
who would push and test out the video capability on a short film called Reverie,
that he dubs a cheap aftershave commercial he shot.

Many of those with a film production background were amazed at
the quality of image that could be achieved, especially how Vincent
lit it, when told them he shot with natural night time lighting,
he also revealed that the camera was on auto mode and it held up
so well,no one noticed any fluctuation in lighting.

Reverie by Vincent LaForet

Making of Reverie

Vincent LaForet Blog

Another to take hold of the 5D MkII this time on UK shores was a video
based cameraman and DOP Philip Bloom, an advocate of using affordable
tapeless HD cameras with film lenses his preference Nikon, prior to
the 5D MKII. Philip had been using a Sony EX1 and EX3 with a Letus
35mm adaptor to get cinematically looking shots, a trademark of his
production. A regular blogger he was sharing what could be achieved with
this small camera body and lenses. It was this same camera that got
him introduced to Star Wars Pioneer George Lucas and Indie filmmaker
Robert Rodrigues.

Philip Bloom DSLR and Filmmaking site

With sites like Vimeo, Youtube sharing content and tips on the 5d mkii,
many in the filmmaking and video fraternity embraced what in essence was
a camera that cost half the price of a semi professional camera, but could
shoot better quality images with an interchangeable lens offering.

The 5D mk ii image wise didn’t have a problem, but other areas it did come
unstuck such poor audio recording and lack of headphone monitoring, sound for many
of those in the film/video sector is a key component. Also it could only
record video in short bursts and at 30 fps back then. Since fixed with a firmware
update to accommodate 25 and 24p recording.

But enterprising and creative individuals found ways to overcome and make
it work for them. And plethora of companies created a range of accessories
to accommodate for this such a Zacuto, RedRock Micro,Kessler and many others.

Cinematographer Shane Hurlburt shot a film with called
Act Of Valor, showing not only that the Canon 5D MKII was capable of feature
length work,but due to its size it could be strapped to a person for great POV angles,
that would not have been possible with much larger cameras.

Shane Hurlburt blog with filmmaking techniques and information.

Act of Valor – Behind the scenes trailer

Act of Valor DVD

Gale Tattershall shot an entire episode season finale of US drama “House” and felt
confident that is was more that capable and well upto the the rigour of broadcast television

Gale Tattershall video interview and discussion about shooting the House season finale.

House MD showreel

As 2012 marks the retirement of 5D MKII and introduction for the 5D MKIII
its successor. 2012 maybe the end of the 5D MKII but the beginning of
a revolution.

It will be interesting to note if many will hold onto theirs as keepsakes
or mementoes, or trade theirs in for another model. There’s always value
in keeping hold of a little piece of history.

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