Pimp your camera strap

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United By Photography

Learn to create this DSLR strap makeover in a few simple,
easy steps and create your custom strap.

Pimp your dslr strap cover guide

Here is an example of what the finished custom makeover looks

pimped dslr video camera strap finished example

This is the mobile phone case that kickstarted this idea for pimping
camera strap.

Mobile phone case for camera strap

In this photo below you can see the Camera strap with a D ring on the
left and the rear of the mobile phone case on the right.

DSLR camera strap and mobile phone case side by side.

The below image shows a camera strap without a D ring and a phone

mobile phone case next camera strap with D ring

This simple adjustment allows for a camera strap without a D ring to
be able to affix the case on the strap. Just simply rotate horizontally
and attach it. If the strap is too narrow or wide, then cut slits into
the rear of phone case and thread the strap through to securely fit
to the case.

Mobile phone case rotated horizontally and attached to camera strap.

This is the finished result as shown below in this photo.

Finished pimped makeover of DSLR camera strap

Finally my business card.

United By Photography Business Card

This very simple to use attachment can carry cards, I.D., press pass or
you camera cards or anything that is small that needs to be readily
available to use.

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