DSLR Green screen photography and video

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The portable green screen solution by Reflecmedia is ideal for dslr and video shooters alike, from photography, videography and feature films this does it all. Reflecmedia rewrote the rules on greenscreen with a cloth that is actually looks grey, but a LED light ring can be shone on it and switch between blue or green in an instant.

Paul Holcroft CEO of Reflecmedia talks about how the photographer and dslr video world are embracing this product and benefitting from its attributes, for chromakey for green or blue screen.

Reflecmedia Green Screen before

Reflecmedia Green Screen pre shot

Reflecmedia green LED light ring on DSLR camera

Reflecmedia green LED light ring on DSLR

Reflecmedia Green Screen after shot

Reflecmedia Green Screen after shot

This system is a quick easy to use and mobile setup using the Reflecmedia and chromatte floor set up allowing you create a total green or blue screen environment.

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  1. Wow, this is such cool technology. Really seems to make it easy for chroma key without the need for absolute perfect lighting. Might have to get one of these….

    • . says:

      Many thanks for your posting, you site also has some useful resources and products for those creating green screen originated video material, seem really great as well.

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