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This 99p microphone for dslr cameras give great audio results, the microphone happens to be a computer mic that works perfectly fine with my DSLR camera. Ideal for interviews, vox pops and
handy as a second mic should your main mic fail due to battery running low.

The other advantage is due to the 1 metre cord you can clip it on a person and get decent sound levels, however you move around sometimes the camera mounted microphones on the hot shoe,
doesn’t always track the sound if someone moves off axis out the recording area of
the microphone.

See video

A reliable cost saving against poor audio from built-in camera microphone, giving you clearer and much improved audio for recording, no need for separate recorder and trying to improve bad noisy audio and longer rendering times, no need for batteries or xlr adapters as you record straight into
the camera and no need for pluraleyes or other synching software workflows.

Clip On Microphone for Computers just 99p image

Front and back packaging of Blue Fox Clip On Microphone

Product Code/serial for Clip On microphone

A word of caution this microphone works with cameras that have manual audio volume input controls so you can manage levels, cameras with automatic level recording settings will give a poor quality sound.

I have personally used it with the Canon 60D with great results, my colleague tried with a Canon 7D and 550d and was very hissy, we worked out that the manual audio control on the 60D prevented the unwanted hiss and noise as the levels could be controlled.

photo of 99p microphone and its contents.

99p mic with photo close ups.

Well worth trying out or recommending to a friend or passing this article onto someone you know with a DSLR camera looking for a low cost audio solution.

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