The Avengers – Canon 5D Mark II And 7D Superhero DSLR

The release of The Avengers movie is another example of where Canon DSLR video cameras,
take a leading role in filmmaking and cinematic production.

Seamus McGarvey cinematographer for The Avengers, his previous experience was shooting
documentary and drama with the Canon 5D MKII. He finds the nimble size and resolution of the cameras, advantageous for capturing exciting point-of-view (POV) shots.

Seamus also loves the fact that you can place and locate these camera to take shots from
different angles and positions, inaccessible to much larger HD or Film cameras. The
affordability and cost to shoot with multiple cameras for different scene setups also,
allows for more creative edits and visual impact to your film or project.

These cameras are light enough to be be rigged to a stuntman in some of the sequences
so you can get breathtaking action, first person POV rollercoaster, front seat shots adding
to the realism of the action.

The importance of shooting at night, with the cameras iso range of 100 – 6400 becomes
invaluable, needing fewer light requirements, able to work quickly and get shots without
the need to bring a warehouse full of lights onset and plus generators, allows for more
fluid video production and quicker takes.

The range and quaility of Canon’s lenses are without a doubt the great plus factor,
superb optics for shooting ultrawide, wide, macro, zoom, tilt shift and with prime lenses,
giving you a swiss army knife of options to shoot with, experiment and select from.

“I don’t see a difference in terms of storytelling value between the scale and size of the Canon digital SLR cameras and the main digital cinematography and film cameras we used,” McGarvey confided. “They’re all part of the artistic palette of filmmaking.

These Canon DSLR video cameras are featuring, starring and supporting a number of blockbuster, independent film, tv and video productions.

Original Source Article from Creative Planet Network.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 7D Digital SLR Cameras Add Muscle to Action Scenes in ‘The Avengers

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  1. Canon 7d says:

    I think the development in the DSLR camera world is just fantastic.

    The 5D MKII and 7D seem to prove themselves as fantastic all around equipment for the professional photographer.

    No wonder why a lot of podcasts/vidcasts use these cameras as their main video equipment! :)

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