DSLR camera lighting for photographers and filmmakers

DSLR Lighting video for photographers and filmmakers.

Essential lighting types, sources and techniques this course, covers including studio, outdoor and set options as taught by United By Photography.

Learning how to properly light is an essential part in making project more professional looking, through different techniques you can add personal flair to your next project.

These lighting techniques add value to your DSLR video footage giving it a more
polished edge.

This is very useful for a range of DSLR filmmaking, photo – video production applications,
including shooting Interviews, fashion, model, headshots, corporate, documentary, film

You’ll be taken through the application of lighting for video or film including the various
types of lights used include Fluorescent, Tungsten / Halogen, HMi, LED, practical and on camera.

Plus the light manipulation,management and control covering:

Lighting consideration when dealing with continuous lights
health and safety.

Other aspect covered include single, two, three, and four point lighting techniques.

In addition you’ll take away with you the lighting techniques applicable
to film or video and be able to combine it with your photographic knowledge,
to deliver the lighting required on your projects.

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