DSLR Video Filmmaker Toolkit App for iPad, iPod and iPhone

The DSLR Filmmaker Toolkit is a must-have app for any passionate filmmaker or video producer. Already featured on “New and Noteworthy” (#1) and “What’s hot” (#2) on the app store.
This app delivers a suites of tools bundled into on application to complement the filmmaking process ,
consisting of a number of important essential field ready production workflow utilities for your project.

Short DSLR Video Filmmaker Toolkit App version video

Full Version DSLR Video Filmmaker Toolkit App video

This tool kit consist of

Electronic Slate
Shot logging, including shot rating & shot notes
Provides standard slate information and well DSLR camera setting

Shot Log
Automatic shot logging when the slate is activated
Can handle multiple productions at the same time

Simulates the framing of your DSLR camera from a huge list of available camera models.
Preview any focal length from 10mm to 400mm

Depth of Field Calculator
D.O.F data instantly displayed as you change the controls

Spirit Level
Perfect for ensuring your tripod/dolly/crane is level

Daylight hours
Never run out of daylight unexpectedly again

This low budget cost effective tool enables dslr filmmakers to manage production and
operate more effectively to help deliver better results on their shoots.

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