Magic Lantern 2011 Xmas Edition Canon DSLR Update

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The guys at Magic Lantern have given Canon DSLR camera owners a Xmas present with bonus functionality for
filmmaking. Canon EOS DSLR’s supported currently with Magic Lantern include 5DMKII 550D, 60D, 600D, 500D and 50D. Check site for 7D and other models also if not listed here.

This includes FPS control, FPS is known as frames per second and allow users to under or over crank the speed of the footage being recorded.

Overcranking allows you to record more frames per second that allows you to create a slo mo or slow motion effect,
currently as listed on the 35 fps@1080p for Canon 60D. So for now best shoot in 720p either 50 or 60 and convert to a 24, 25, 30 frame timeline using cinema tools or another converter to the slow motion dreamy effect.

Under cranking however is available at 4 fps and a shutter speed of 1/4 seconds this is great for low light and when you need longer exposure settings. Also undercranking gives you the speeded up effect by skipping frames a bit like early film so looks very jumpy, also great for time lapse or when you want to condense time quickly combined with a time remapping or frame blending software you can get some really cool looking results.

Example of Under cranking on Youtube.

HDR known as High Dynamic Range in essence to you can record video with two exposure values one under and over, this allows you to combine two streams to generate video that gives great shadow and highlight details.

HDR test video with Magic Lantern see below.

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