Essential Photo,Video,Data, Files Backup Drives and storage

hard drive for video, photo and data storagesd cards for photo, video and data storageDVD'storage for files

With people recording and shooting photos, videos,downloading music or files, it’s essential to
have your backup strategy organised to secure your valuable data.

Whilst much is said about cloud options, the downside is that storage can be limited and
is reliable on having online internet access and good transfer speeds.

By having multiple drives storing or archiving information that you need to readily access
or be quickly retrieve.

Ideal for home, small office, independent freelancers, students or those that need an
affordable storage solution for photography, video production, music studio recording
or a place to put files from various computers, laptops, mp3 devices or back up data
from nearly full drives.

Drobo offer range of options worth checking out.

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