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The Adobe Creative suites provides a Swiss army knife approach to the production process, with Adobe Story
and Onlocation, integrate shot lists and scripts/project breakdowns to create efficient workflow.

Adobe Story allows writers, producers, directors and editors to work on a project and cuts down on the
communication issues and update on script and edit changes quickly, plus uses the cloud/web based
storage so people can be updated inside or outside of the production or post suite.

Some features worth bearing in mind include.
Script or dialogue inform can be in text, PDF, Microsoft Word, Final Draft®, and Movie Magic® formats
are supported in Adobe Story.

The ability to create, tag and share metadata on camera shots, angles, cast, crew and props also helps
with budgeting and project management.

Integrates with Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium CS5 applications to reduce production time
and get other project components ready such graphics, compositing and audio amendments remedied
and adjust quickly.

The BBC and ITV have adopted Adobe as part of the crucial production pipeline and project management
workflow. At IBC 2011, Adobe announced that ITV will use Adobe Story to manage over 500 episodes
soap and drama material.

“Adopting Adobe Story is a crucial part of ITV’s strategy to update its content production workflow,” said Paul Dale, chief technology officer, ITV. “Adobe Story combines scripting and production scheduling, as well as bringing metadata to the heart of our creative process, which will save us valuable planning and production time. It also fits nicely with our long term goals because it is scalable and cloud-based.”

Get your cloud version of Adobe whilst still available

In addition we provide Adobe DSLR Workflow Training on our courses.

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